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Absolutely Anything received a copy of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart in November. After completely falling in love with the story, we had the opportunity to sit down with the incredible mind behind the magic, Holly Ringland. In this interview, Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman find themselves enchanted with Holly Ringland of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart as they discuss the upcoming television adaptation by Amazon Prime starring Sigourney Weaver, writing from a cracked open rib cage, all things Brontë, and of course, the love of mothers. 



Cathleen Freedman

Hello! I'm Cathleen Freedman, an ambidextrous writer from Houston, Texas who is interested in just about. . .  Absolutely Anything. This site is devoted to things, people, and places I appreciate and find fascinating. Maybe you will, too.


Let me know if you do! And if you don't, suddenly I'm very busy and can't take your call. 


Have a nice day either way!

Cathleen Freedman is an

ambidextrous writer from

Houston, Texas with a deep and abiding love for exclamation points!


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