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Absolutely Anything received a copy of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart in November. After completely falling in love with the story, we had the opportunity to sit down with the incredible mind behind the magic, Holly Ringland. In this interview, Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman find themselves enchanted with Holly Ringland of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart as they discuss the upcoming television adaptation by Amazon Prime starring Sigourney Weaver, writing from a cracked open rib cage, all things Brontë, and of course, the love of mothers. 




Why, hello! We’re Cathleen Freedman and Gabby Etzel. We first met during our college freshman move-in date in 2018 but have been living our lives in parallel from afar. From our separate corners of the world (Texas for Cathleen and New Jersey for Gabby), we were both presidents of our high school’s Student Council/National Honor Society, born on a Monday in March, and winners of our school spelling bees in fifth grade. We both nearly chose universities in Washington DC before ultimately selecting Fordham. Both of us also waited until after AP exams to look for a roommate, discovered that everyone we asked already found theirs, and resented the looming reality that we would have to opt for a randomized roommate.


But thanks to a Google Slides Roommate post that circulated the Fordham Facebook group, Gabby saw Cathleen’s slide (which was the only slide on-screen because, again, literally everyone else had found their roommate at this point) and texted Cathleen by the wrong name. (Cathleen does not remember this, but Gabby was mortified after realizing she addressed the text to “Emma.”) 


Needless to say, our roommate pairing worked out. Perhaps our neighbors who overheard our late-night renditions of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" would argue that it worked a little too well... We couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment we went from roommates of the same dorm space to roommates of the same mental space, but we’re glad it happened. 


We started this site to share and divulge and extol—things we regularly did in the confines of our freshman dorm room and continue to do in our texts and NYC apartment. 


We think we’re downright delightful and enjoy each other’s company/what we have to say. Maybe you will, too! If not, don’t tell us. We aren't interested in bad taste.


Now cut yourself a slice of proverbial cake and read our thoughts on absolutely anything.

Cathleen Freedman is an

ambidextrous writer from

Houston, Texas with a deep and abiding love for exclamation points!


Cathleen Freedman

  • Instagram

Cathleen Freedman is an

ambidextrous writer from

Houston, Texas with a deep and abiding

love for exclamation points!


Gabby Etzel

  • Instagram

Gabby Etzel is an athlete, practicing the sports of amateur cake criticism, dog walking, and spooky films.


In her more delicate affairs, she's a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. 

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