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Red Carpet Content

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Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman find themselves enchanted with Holly Ringland of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart as they discuss the television adaptation starring Sigourney Weaver, writing from a cracked open rib cage, all things Brontë, and of course, the love of mothers.

Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman have a beautiful conversation with actor Jim Ortlieb about his work on American Horror Story, his approach to his craft, his favorite appetizers, and more. 

Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman sit down with Zebedee Row and Mathilde Dehaye of The Overnight (2022) by Kevin Rhoades and Bobby Francavillo. The two artists talk about the highlights of their careers and everything it takes to bring a good horror movie to life against all odds.

Cathleen Freedman and Gabby Etzel interview musician Carter Vail about his songwriting process, the best music moments in Wes Anderson films, and yes, even jiu jitsu.

"It's a dance, basically." Gabby Etzel sits down with the man behind the action in Broadway's West Side Story: Actor and fight director, Ron Piretti. 

Gabby Etzel and Cathleen Freedman chat with actor and filmmaker, Tammy-Anne Fortuin about strong female leads, the importance of olive oil, and her inspiring approach to her craft.

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