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Haunts of Manhattan: An Absolutely Anything Halloween

Gabby believes in ghosts, and Cathleen believes it is fun to think about the idea of ghosts. But perhaps she just needs convincing.

This Halloween season, we visited a few of Manhattan's most phantasmal sites with the Ghost Tube app in hand. This wasn't quite "ghost hunting" so much as it was ghost.... "chatting." Essentially, we tried to spectate these specters in their haunted homes. What better way to spend a Monday in October?

We checked out several haunted hubs, all within walking distance of each other.

1. The Merchant House

2. Washington Square Park

3. St. Mark's Chapel

4. The House of Death

We had more stops planned for this visit, but after our chilling experience at the alleged "House of Death," we were a little spooked...

Gabby has used Ghost Tube for months after hearing about the app from Ghost Adventures. It's one of the most widely respected (and thus, feared) ghost sensing programs. 

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